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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Corner Bar Metaphorically

I'm really enjoying this Majewski scandal. Apart from schadenfreuding all over the spectacle of a public figure transparently trying to cover his ass by whining to utterly uninterested authorities, this can only work out well for us Nats fans. There are two possible consequences, and I like 'em both. Either:

1) Our laughingstock of a general manager is proven not just to have robbed (which we already knew) but to have destroyed, humiliated, and driven mad a rival executive, and that's the kind of thing a fan can take pride in. Or . . .

B) Bud Selig or whoever rolls up the MLB rulebook and pops Bodes on the nose with it. Maybe he blinks a bunch of times and reflexively cries a little bit or maybe he just writes a hilariously indignant column in the Examiner. "Yo, I didn't do nothin', dawg! Don't hate the player! Put down that Haterade, son!" Either way, seeing Bowden humiliated is just about the only thing I'm rooting for these days.

I don't know what it is, but this blog just can't seem to hold on to any of its husky sources of inspiration these days. First Livan gets shipped out for farm boy grindage, then Will Carroll bids adieu to my daily stop for terrible writing, bullshit rumors, highbrow literary analysis, and cringingly unfunny comedy bits, The Juice Blog. His goodbye post, sadly, does nothing but reinforce why we're going to miss him. It's got the self-satisfied coyness we've come to expect.
Due to recent developments, things that should come clear in the very near future, I am ending my involvement with "The Juice" blog. . . I wish I could say more at this time, but as each second passes now, things will become clearer.
It's got clunky prose.
I'd always considered this a "corner bar" metaphorically, a place where anything might be discussed with a general center of baseball goodness.
And, of course, the kind of musing about the Future of Blogging that can only emanate from a guy who's as dumb as he thinks he's smart.
I'm still not sure of blogging. I think the word is overused and misused. It's a new form of journalism, one that's continually evolving. Years from now, I doubt we'll even remember the word and the impact that it has on society will be assumed. Information will be ubiquitous, though I have no idea what form it will take.
Honest to God, does he plug "blogging" into a custom-designed Mad Libs for Dipshits program? I can't think of how a conscious human being comes up with that paragraph. But as long as we're talking about the Future, I don't know what form all that ubiquitous information will take, but I bet this guy does.

This isn't the end for Will, though I can't imagine where I'm going to get my Buzz Machine Fix.
You'll still find me at Baseball Prospectus,
They may have gotten rid of Dayn Perry, but they're never getting my forty bucks again.
Mind and Muscle,
I can't see myself buying one of those magazines with a shiny, grinning, hugely muscular hairless man on the cover, even if it does say "Droolworthy Details about Will!" on the cover.
Total Texas Baseball,
I did some research here, and I can state that Total Texas Baseball seems to be the Baseball Bias of Rangers websites. So that's something.
and soon, a couple new places, ones I think you'll like.
The Future? Will selflessly left the comments on that post closed -- he doesn't need your adoration. He does it for the children. But the comments on this post are wide open, so let's all let Will know how much we'll miss him.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Requiem for the Husky Man

So, why haven't I been blogging? I have to ask myself that question because no one else cares, but here's a clue: my favorite player, the figurative wind beneath my literal wings, this blog's gelatinous muse and smooth-talkin', slow-walkin' guardian angel is traded, and I can't muster much more of a reaction than the "Huh, that's kinda interesting" I emitted when Ronnie Belliard got traded to St. Louis.

Is it a good trade? Once again, asking myself. Shit, Ryan, I don't know, and why would you be listening to me anyway? We've got "prospects" now, and I guess that's kind of exciting. But not as exciting as having a massive, unstable Cuban either humiliating the opposition with a variety of 50-mile-an-hour pitches and an occasional non-hustle double or humiliating his own team with walks to the opposing pitcher and incomprehensible post-game tirades. It's also not as exciting as having a pitching rotation for your major league team, but hey -- youth movement and all. Whatever age ¡Livan! is -- let's say 38 -- he was such a youthful 38 that we all agreed to call him 31, but I guess that's not youthful enough for the movement.

I'll leave it to the real bloggers out there (and the links to the right aren't, as far as I know, completely out of date) to figure out what kind of performance Arizona can expect from the big guy and to make wild-ass guesses projections for the two newest members of the Nationals organization. I'm just going to miss the most interesting guy on a boring ballclub.