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Monday, October 04, 2004

Dammit, Gammons

Here's some random crap. Yes, that is different from how it usually is.

From Peter Gammons' ESPN column today:
MLB has assured that the Washington Lobbyists will not be among the bidders for free agents, since there won't be any ownership in place in the shopping season.
Ha ha! Lobbyists! That's almost as funny as the thousands of other Washington-themed names everyone suddenly feels obliged to come up with. Anyway, whom has MLB assured? I don't expect beautiful prose from my sportswriters, but Gammons' grammar is so bad that it tends to obscure his meaning. Whatever direct object you stick in there, though, this is not so good.

The gay community is up in arms that the proposed stadium site would deal a death-blow to the city's "homosexual entertainment" district (by the way, what do you think your average imam thinks of the phrase "
homosexual nightclub mecca"?). I wonder if Michelle Malkin knows who her bedfellows are on this issue. Ha!

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Bijan C. Bayne said...

Malkin's way off base here (oun intended). No matter what Seattle built for Paul Allen, Camden Yards revived a section of Baltimore, and the MCI Center has changed the face of Chinatown in D.C. If the team's only measurable benefit is an increase interest in baseball among city youth,D.C. summers will be more spirited. And her analogies to publicly funding figure skating and crocheting are moot.

Anonymous said...

Ms Malkin is certainly easier on the eyes than Paul Allen.

Ryan said...

True. She's like Ann Coulter, but good looking.

Anonymous said...

Either one of them would cook you a fabulous breakfast in the morning.

By the way, your observation about "homosexual nightclub mecca" was the funniest line I've read in a while.

Bijan C. Bayne said...

We're getting off-topic (not to mention chauvinistic). Marion Barry is now saying RFK is sufficient as the digs for the "new" team. I don't think he has the political clout to lobby against this in the post-Vista Hotel era, particularly since it isn't in his ward, and he's not an at-large councilperson.

Eric said...

I'm just shaking my head here. For a group of fans so worshipful of objective statistical analysis (Moneyball anyone? -- read carefully and you'll see that one system for fielding statistics was based on a method originally used to create financial derivatives), I don't understand why you're so allergic to seeing the same principles used to justify the expenditure of over $400 million in public funds to build a baseball stadium.

Actually, as we all know, it's going to be a lot more than that. After all, D.C. will raise $440 million from the bond sale for all of the various expenditures tied to the Expos relocation to Washington. But as anyone who has even gotten a car loan knows, the actual amount of money it will cost will be far higher, once you add the interest on that $440 million into the equation.

We won't know exactly what that figure is going to be until the District publishes a prospectus, but the bill over 30 years is going to be much, much, higher.

One other thought: don't forget, the critical difference between the D.C. bid and the Virginia bid was the fact that Gov. Warner wouldn't allow "Moral Obligation" bonds to be used to fund the Virignia stadium. If at any point the revenues thrown off by the stadium fail to cover the debt service, the difference will have to come out of the general revenue fund, with D.C. taxpayers left holding the bag.

I'm sorry, but when you're going to commit over $400 million in public money to any project, "build it and they will come" isn't a good enough answer.

Ryan said...

There are legions of people who know more about this kind of thing than I do, but one of them is Stanford economist Roger Noll, who "argues that sports facilities can be justified only as a quality-of-life proposition . . ." as if that's not important. If Anacostia truly is revitalized (or perhaps vitalized), is that worth what it's going to cost to get the Expos there? Denverites and Baltimoreans would probably say yes.

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