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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Special 100th Post Commemorative Post

This'll be quick. First off, the Cropp Affair seems to have blown over. She has made public her intention to back the Mayor's plan if her alternative doesn't go through, which means she'll be backing the mayor's plan. So don't sweat it. Sleep easy. Take your wife out to dinner. Have a banana.

Capitol Punishment has a blurb on some 40-man roster shenanigans. I've never heard of any of these guys, so go read it over there. The only player I'm talking about is Rickey.

One More Thing: There's another DC baseball blog. Scorekeeping is "the Sabermetric Shadow General Manager Blog of the Washington Ex-Expos" as of November 4. There's a lot more 40-man stuff up there today, so have a gander. Nothing about Rickey, though. And by the way, I found this one myself - you people are supposed to be keeping me up to date on these things.

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