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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's National Stats Coming Out Day

Baseball Reference, a site that goes a long toward making for up for all the pictures of fat people dressed like cartoon characters and the other unpleasant detritus festering in this furry-infested garbage dump we call teh internet, already has stats for 2005. In lieu of actually coming up with some content, I'm going to rummage around and see what fun we can have with the Nats.
  • Nationals league leaders: Jose Guillen (hit by pitch), Chad Cordero (saves), ¡Livan! (innings for the third year running, hits allowed, batters faced)
  • Offensive categories in which the Nationals ranked last: runs/game, runs, hits, home runs, batting average, slugging percentage, stolen bases, caught stealing (or did they come in first? They had the most.)
  • Defensive categories in which the Nationals ranked fourth: runs/game, ERA
  • Nats pitchers with an OPS+ better than Cristian Guzman's 55: ¡Livan!, Ayala, Eischen, Bergmann, Vargas
  • Ryan Church's 2005 OPS+: 120
  • Preston Wilson's 2005 OPS+: 107
  • Wilson and Wilkerson ranked 3/4 in strikeouts
  • Jose Guillen set new career highs in strikeouts, HBP, sac flies, and intentional walks
  • RFK was the second most pitcher-friendly park in the league, significantly behind Petco in San Diego
  • Nick Johnson set a career high in games played with only 131. His most similar player? Jeremy Giambi.
  • Rick Short wins the Nats OPS+ title with 268. Runner-up is Brendan Harris, at 209.
  • Nats home record: 41-40
  • Nats road record: 40-41
  • The Nats had a losing or even record against each of their divisional foes. They whupped the hell out of those American League punks, though (12-6)
  • Yuda.org is the sponsor of the Chad Cordero page, and I bet he got a bargain.
Speaking of Cordero and in non-B-Ref news, reader Janet alerts us that the Chief is in fact the winner of the Rolaids Relief Award, which is awarded based on sophisticated scientific calculations, rather than letting a bunch of drunken sportswriters vote on it. Congratulations!

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