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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Svrluga: "You're a Damn Liar, Boz"

Tom Boswell, stating the indefensible:
And [Alfonso Soriano] hasn't butchered even one simple play.
Tom Boswell, backing up so fast I think he hit a deer:
Soriano's throwing has improved. Far more important, he seems to care. And he hates it when he screws up. However, he's missed several balls that a smooth "average" left fielder would have caught. He's definitely below average.
Barry Svrluga, not being a homer idiot:
But there is no question Soriano is costing the Nationals runs. That he has four errors -- tied for most in the majors for an outfielder -- and an abysmal fielding percentage of .951 tells only part of the story. Six games into a nine-game trip that continues today in Chicago against the Cubs, Soriano's adventures in left have played out awkwardly.
Jose Guillen, not being a homer idiot:
"We have to accept he's not a normal outfielder," right fielder Jose Guillen said. "You see when he tries to charge a ball and misses some of those line drives."
An anonymous scout, not being a homer idiot:
"He's awful," said one scout who has worked three Nationals series this season. "He's not a left fielder."
Alfonso Soriano himself, informing Boz that he's full of crap:
Asked last weekend if he felt comfortable in left field, the answer was quick, sure, and to be expected. "No," he said.
I point all this out not to criticize Soriano, whose general effort and good humor make me think a lot more of him as a human being than I did in March, but to draw attention to Tom Boswell's distortions and lies, which I'm still pissed about. That thing he said about Soriano not botching plays was a lie. It was impossible to defend (as Boz proved a day later), impossible to talk around (as Svrluga proved today), and evidence that Boswell doesn't think much of the intelligence of his audence.

As this Baseball Think Factory thread helpfully points out, he's still doing it. Here's what Boz said today about Barry Bonds.
When Pierre robbed him of what would've been homer No. 714, Bonds waved his arm disparagingly, dismissively at Pierre as if his excellent play in a close game were disgusting, an affront. How dare you?
Thanks to the internet, we can check this for ourselves. Go here and click on "Pierre robs Bonds." Watch Bonds' smiling, playful reaction to Pierre's catch and marvel at what a lying son of a bitch Washington's premier sports columnist is.

I'm overreacting, and I know it. But I'm sick of Boswell talking down to his audience as if Nationals fans were a pack of rubes who'd never heard of this game and, thanks to our ignorance, need to be told what to think about it. I'm sick of him dismissing well-reasoned criticism of his opinions by saying "Blah blah blah." Mostly I'm sick of the endless fact-mangling with which he supports his arguments. Boswell is -- for some reason -- well-respected, and his opinion carries weight. We should expect at least basic honesty from him, but all we get is condescension and lies.


Anonymous said...

It's great to have a guy in a major newspaper just covering OUR team in Washington. He's a great read...but you're right. Sometimes you have to step back and remember he's just one guy's opinion. He doesn't always represent every Nats fan.

Anonymous said...

I know what you thought you saw, but bloggers get this wrong all the time. I've been watching highlights for years.

Harper said...

Watch for Boswell's next set of articles:

"Livan in the 1st inning: A master at work"

"Guillen's hot start is keeping the Nats out of the cellar"

"How do you spell relief? E-I-S-C-H-E-N"