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Sunday, September 10, 2006

What I Learned from Having MASN for Three Days

  • Brian Billick sure has a lot to say.
  • Anita Marks can do anything! Except make me watch her show or even go to the trouble of figuring out who the hell she is.
  • When in Denver, Bob Carpenter can't stop saying "In this ballpark." I'm guessing it's the thin air.
  • Jamey Carroll's still mad.
  • Tom Paciorek's still annoying.
  • The Nats suck so bad only dogs can hear it.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

For the record, Anita Marks developed a reputation for being one of the best QB's to ever play women's pro football. Or so she claims. And she apparently appeared in Playboy. Oy vey!

Chris Needham said...


Ryan said...

Yikes. Looks like the girl from Top That is all grown up.

Harper said...

"The Nats suck so bad only dogs can hear it."

Thank God. I was worried about what the losing streak would do to the Professor.

Joe Riley said...

Bob Carpenter and Tom Paciorek are very nice guys, I had the pleasure of sitting in the booth with them during the Sept 9th Cardinals game.

They do a TON of preparation, and they certainly make it look effortless and easy on the air.

Confession time: I'm an ├╝ber-geek who attends games and then goes home to watch it again on my DVR and zap through the commercials, because those two guys provide me with insight and added dimension to the game that I wouldn't otherwise have.

What's not to like? These guys are a lot of fun, and they are doing a great job at bring the entire ballpark experience into our homes.