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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tonight's the night

In preparation for today, I finally washed my Nats cap. The thing was a disaster, encrusted literally with the detritus of countless lawn-mowings and figuratively with the detritus of years of Nationals fandom.

This, I thought, was a new beginning. I would wash away all the sweat and little bits of grass that somehow wound up on my head and awful Boswell columns and Nook Logan at-bats, and together my hat, my team, and I would walk into a glorious future, cleansed of the filth of the past.

Almost nothing came off. It's ground in there too deeply.

And then I put my hat in the dryer and it shrank.


Nate said...

S'okay, that hat was probably 3 logos/color schemes out of date anyway.

Basil said...

. . . as well as 3 WaPo beat writers!

Harper said...

I'm bad at symbolizm - so the Nats are going to field a team of dirty midgets this year?

Ryan said...

It's probably symbolically important that the hat is pink and has silvery sparkles around the W.

nattynatnats05nats said...

i Think u should shoe yur euligence buy bying a better Hat, look out for The nats jr spivey and Dreese look good!

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