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Thursday, May 07, 2015

This is the Urn

Bryce Harper hit three home runs on Wednesday, and that's something I'm in favor of.

It was the high point of what has so far been a Great Leap Forward for Harper, as he attempts to transform his offense through rapid industrialization and collectivization. I'm guessing that's how batting coach Rick Schu phrased it, anyway.

Translation: "Bryce Harper's bat is like a steel I-beam!" Note 106.7 FM The Fan broadcast tower in the background.
It's working so far. Harper's walking a ton and cranking lots of dingers. He's also striking out a lot, but this is now and we don't care anymore. His swing's better, he's not jerking his head around, and he hasn't yet KO'd himself on a wall.

So, is this it? We've been waiting ever since Harper was drafted for the big, MVP-caliber season. People have been disappointed so far, and while that disappointment isn't the most logical thing, it's understandable. He hasn't played a full season, never hit 30 homers, never been in an MVP race. Frankly, he got swagger-jacked by Mike Trout, who came up for good at about the same time and has been much, much, much better. Much.

But hell, Harper's younger than Trout, and according to advanced statistical projection systems, he always will be. He came into the season as still the youngest player in the National League, and it's his fourth season. There's plenty of time for Harper to do what we all expect him to.

I'm just glad it's happening now before he bolts for somewhere else with a $500 million contract, and I hope he stays well clear of walls.

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