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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bodley Waves the White Flag

The tide is turning, and there's no better evidence of that than Hal Bodley surrendering like a Frenchman.
Washington, D.C., has emerged as the leading candidate in its efforts to land the Montreal Expos, while Northern Virginia, a former favorite, is foundering, three people with knowledge of the relocation process told USA TODAY on Wednesday.
Sacre bleu! C'est bon fromage! Perhaps a little background is in order: back at the end of June, Hal Bodley submitted a truly atrocious piece of journalism, one so blatantly slanted that I still have dreams that I'm testifying before Congress about it. In writing this story ranking the contenders for the Expos, he obviously started by deciding that Loudoun County ruled, then brutalized the facts until they fell into line. Maybe it's that USA Today is based out in Cabal territory, or maybe Hal Bodley is just out to get me. Whatever the reason for his preference, it is heartening indeed to see a NoVa partisan admitting that DC's in front. I must also give him props for using "foundering" where most would have written "floundering."

Meanwhile, Off Wing Opinion has an extensive run-down of DC's situation, among other things.
What does it all mean? I'm at a loss these days, other than to say it's clear that Major League Baseball still hasn't found a deal it's completely satisfied with.
DuPuy's comments yesterday make it sound as if MLB has come to terms with the fact that they're not going to get exactly what they want and will settle for the best of the four (DC, NoVa, Vegas, and Norfolk).

Here's something I should have put up a while ago: Business of Baseball has a really nifty summary of the relocation candidates. It's got links, photos, maps, the whole megillah.

I have been informed of the website version of the Beyond the Shadown of the Senators, the superbly edutational book by Brad Snyder about the Homestead Grays. It's right here.


Eric said...

I think you misunderstand me and my comment at Off Wing. The only offers that ought to be taken seriously are the ones in the Washington area -- everything else is just cover as part of an attempt to jack up the asking price.

And don't worry, the Expos won't be here until MLB gets exactly what they want, and everyone in a very long line (Angelos, the former owners of the Expos, and the rest of MLB) gets paid a ton of dough.

Ryan said...

Hey Eric, do you think Evans and DC are going to cave, or are the Expos staying in Montreal another year?

Eric said...

I got this link from one of my readers:


Run it through Babelfish, and it says the Expos will be back next year, and the reporter relates that he got that from current employees of the team.

Ryan said...

Babelfish always makes me giggle.
Anyway, I'm still skeptical. Whatever happens, I fully expect it to go down to the last minute. "Added Selig: 'Please don't read anything into this, but you're talking to a guy who got a team on April 1. We opened on April 7.' But, you know, don't read anything into it."