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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'll Trade You Bud Selig for David Stern, Straight Up

I'm beginning to find this situation very tedious, so this will be quick and probably not up the standards of thigh-slappin' hilarity I try to maintain.

Murray Chass has a story in the New York Times that says that MLB wants to move the Expos to DC or NoVa, but Angelos is in the way. You already knew that, though.

The Speaker of the Virginia House is claiming the Loudoun's funding might not be all that easy after all. It's quite possible that none of this matters, because . . .

There seems to be a growing sentiment that the Expos aren't going anywhere next year. Off-Wing Opinion has this:
If the Expos were coming to Washington in time for 2005, we'd already know.
Trust me on this. Ahead of a large business announcement like this one, all sorts of preparations have to be made in the background -- preparations that inevitably create just the sort of background noise that would tip us off as to what's going to happen next.
Field of Schemes chimes in as well.
Call me crazy, but I'm making plans for Opening Day 2005 in Montreal.

It's the tenth anniversary of the 1994 strike, the one that cancelled a World Series and killed the Expos. That combined with how MLB is handling relocation and the news that Bud Selig's getting an extension really makes me wish all the other sports didn't suck so much.

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