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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sayonara, Kyojin

I guess we can add another item to yesterday's list of Ryan's Favorite Nats Who Are In Trouble. Giant Jon Rauch just went on the DL and is out for the year with a torn labrum. I wasted a lot ether or bandwidth or whatever it is arguing for Rauch first to make the team and then to start. I pestered Washington Post writers, I insulted Zach Day, I even dug up pictures of a dead Japanese wrestler; all for naught. For old time's sake, here's Giant Jon and Barry Svrluga having one last chat.

"Bummer, huh, Jon?"
"Yeah, well. Maybe now Ryan will stop sending me fan letters written in crayon."
"I've gotten a couple of those too. Who's this 'Dayn' guy he's always whining about?"
"Beats the hell out of me. See you next year, everyone!"

Rauch to the DL was only one of nine moves made today. John Patterson, who was our best starter for a while there, joins Rauch after suffering through a pretty rough ordeal.
Patterson received three injections to relieve the back problem Monday. During the third injection, he said he began to feel "woozy" and started to pass out. The doctor administering the procedure, Reds physician Timothy Kremchek, stopped the process, and Patterson received oxygen and had an IV inserted in his right arm.
Yeesh. Get well soon. I, Claudio Vargas wore out his welcome and was designated for assignment, and Zach Day is headed to New Orleans, where I wouldn't be surprised to see him thrive away from the harsh glare of Frank Robinson. The roster is brought back to full strength with the additions of versatile but mediocre pitcher Sun-woo Kim, Endy Chavez alternative Tyrell Godwin, and two relievers: righty T.J. Tucker and lefty C.J. Nitkowski. Exciting stuff, eh? I suppose it could be in the hands of someone else, but I got nothing today. So let's take a spin 'round the Nats blog world.
  • Nasty Nats looks at how much of a career-enhancer a start against the Nats can be for mediocre pitchers. Remember Brian Moehler? Jae Seo? You're welcome, fellas.
  • Basil of Nationals Inquirer is back from vacation and on fire. Here he tells us why new guy Tyrell Godwin is preferable Inning-Endy and displays some exasperation with a certain criticism of the Post.
  • Capitol Punishment observes that even Nats beat writer Barry Svrluga has had it with Frank.
  • Nationals Review actually talks about the roster moves rather than just listing them.
  • Oleanders and Morning Glories will shock and amaze you with how bad Cristian Guzman really is hitting. Pregnant women and the elderly should avoid this -- it's that horrifying.
My series prediction: the Nats win one and everyone starts talking about how scrappy they are again.

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