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Monday, May 02, 2005

In Which I Attempt to Get Others to Join in My Vendetta

I've convened my evening by-myself meeting, but there's no one who deserves to catch a beating. The Nationals in general are worthy, I suppose, but I already registered my disgust with last night's nationally televised performance by awarding Nat of the Day honors to a jowly alien in a little hat. So I'm looking ahead, and I've found a potentially nifty opportunity. This Thursday at 1 pm, Dayn Perry (Official Greasy Pervert of Distinguished Senators) is having a chat at Baseball Prospectus, where forty bucks is a bargain for a whole year of their repetitive, doctrinaire bullshit. I think we should all make sure to attend and contribute questions along the lines of, "Dayn, which rape fantasy are you most proud of?" or "Dayn, what do you fellow BP writers think of all the boob-talk you indulge in at Fox Sports?" or "Dayn, what's the most cutting insult Chris Kahrl's come up with in response to your 'Imaginary Girlfriend' series?" Maybe you, my beloved readers, can come up with some subtler but still insulting questions that Dayn would consider answering, and at any rate we could make sure the BP crowd is aware of the enormity of Dayn's FoxSports.com work.

The Nats begin a long road trip out West today. Tonight's game starts at 10, which means I really should be in bed before it starts. Sometimes I hate living on the East coast, even though our hip-hop is by far the stronger. Anyway, Yuda's is the place to be, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for letting us get around Blogger's player-hating.

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Anonymous said...

In Which I Attempt to Get Others to Join in My Vendetta...

Oh, hell yeah, I'm in.