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Thursday, September 01, 2005

And by the way . . .

. . . me and Bodes aren't the only ones who think the left side of the Nationals' infield needs some fixing. Yard Work contributor Ana Maria Collejeo Guillen piles on as well.
Vinny is what we in our country call “an old shoe,” something you have around because it is comfortable and sometimes usefull but you don’t think about much anymore because you have new better shoes and they are more of fashion and also do not hurt your feet…or your lineup. And in addition we also have a name for players like Cristian Guzman too. That word is “esucks.” So those are my thoughts and you are very welcome to them.
You should totally be reading Yard Work almost all the time. How else would you know what Ana Maria thinks of Jason Beritek?


pete said...

...not to mention a very bizarre comment flame war over english premier league vs. spanish la liga and italian serie a...(see spartacus)

Ryan said...

Hah! The casual use of "get a brain, morans" in that post made me fall in love all over again.