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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Good News

The Nats are all but officially eliminated from playoff contention, and it's a good bet that next year isn't going to be as much fun as this one was. Still, that doesn't mean that we can't focus on the good news. Here goes.
  • We're over .500, and the Mets aren't. I dislike the Mets for a variety of reasons, and back when I thought this team was going to be much worse than it turned out to be, my only wish was to finish ahead of them. To do so with a payroll less than half as big as theirs would be even sweeter. That's right, Mets fans: your team's spending more money than the Cardinals.
  • I've noticed that Brad Wilkerson is using "Back Then" by Mike Jones as his entrance music. We can infer from this that back then hoes didn't want him, but that now, with increased visibility that comes from playing in Washington and appearing in a really embarrassing bank commercial, he's hot hoes all on him. Good for Brad, and if word of this gets around the league, it may help us sign free agents in the future.
  • Andruw Jones might win the MVP, and we helped! In 18 games against the Nats, Jones hit six homers with a robust .688 slugging average. Esteban Loaiza was particularly helpful, allowing Andruw to throw two homers, two doubles, and 10 RBIs on the ever-increasing pile. You're welcome, Atlanta! I hope you can sell out a playoff game this time!
  • How 'bout that Dutch Zimmerman? In his brief time with the club, he's shown himself to be competent to handle major league pitching and apparently a rad third baseman. He can't play shortstop, but it was ridiculous to ask him to. So that's the good part, but here's the downside: he was born in 1984. I'm not the only one thinking about his own mortality all of a sudden, right?
  • Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan remains completely wrong as hell. On October 26, Sheehan commented, "The Expos might be one of the worst teams ever next year, because it's hard to see how they get anything done this offseason." Even if we lose every game the rest of the way (you can do it, Frank!) Sheehan's already shown the prediction skills of a young Will Carroll.
  • JIM BOWDEN IS GONNA GET FIRED! It's just speculation, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be long before JIM BOWDEN GETS FIRED! We might have to worry about Frank next year, but NOT BODES, WHO WILL BE FIRED! Probably.


Harper said...

Just what I was thinking. Julio must be at least a year or two older than you.

Ryan said...

Yeah, but he's on the juice of Jesus of Nazareth, if I recall correctly.