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Monday, November 28, 2005

kill rock stars

Did we all have a nice Thanksgiving? Yes? Not you Canadians -- you had your fun last month. I had a good time. I met someone who was only three days old. She didn't have much to say for herself.

One of the most unpleasant stories this offseason has been the burial and probable disposal of Brad Wilkerson, a good player and a good guy (as far as I know) who's been unfairly nailed on the official site whenever Bill Ladson stops Googling himself long enough to file a story. But things might not be as bad as my natural pessimism and low opinion of Jim Bowden have made them look. George Solomon quotes Bowden:
We need another starting pitcher and to upgrade the center field position so we can play Brad Wilkerson elsewhere.
So I feel a little better, but only a little. I take some comfort in the fact that back in January, I was positive that Nick Johnson was on his way out.

I'm not one of those blogger triumphalists. I have delusions of replacing the mainstream sports media or even the vaguest desire to. Barry Svrluga is a better reporter than I could ever hope to be, and I couldn't dream of emulating Tom Boswell's schmaltzy sentimentality and willfull homer blindness. I'm funnier than Thom Loverro, but he writes for the Times, which barely counts -- I'm not comparing myself to writers from the Prince George's County Gazette or the Washington Blade, and the Times is sort of on the bubble. It does bother me, though, when a major metropolitan newspaper employs someone whose job could done far better by just about any blogger -- indeed, by any person at all. This is a roundabout way of bitching about Mike Wise's latest column in the Post. Nate over at the Triple Play is all over it and implies that we're supposed to have already realized we hate this guy. I'm not saying he's wrong, it's just that I don't remember anything else Wise has said. I'll skip over the really offensive bits and underline this, reminding you that the man is being paid by a widely respected media outlet for this opinion.
The point is, it's getting late in the game. It's time to pick someone in this race, and I don't care what Selig is thinking. I'm going with Smulyan in the hopes he can bring in a rock star like Theo to lure some rock-star players.
Honestly, the worst blogger in the world couldn't help but do better than that.

Above: Sandfrog featuring rock-star player Scott Spiezio (center)

As long as I'm discussing the Nature and Purpose of Blogging, I'll mention this. For the longest time, there was only one thing I could be proud of in my blogging career: the results of this Google search. That's all changed now that Washingtonienne hates me. And just in case her desperate searches for people being mean to her on teh internet bring her here, allow me to state for the record: no, dear, I'm not Dayn Perry. But you should hate him too.


Anonymous said...

Quality stuff, much better than Loverro. I always knew Jessica Culter hated you, but I promised not to tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

You mention a MLB band and it's not "stickfigure?" You sir, are worse than Hitler.