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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Neat Thing About Blogs

You're at the bottom of the food chain. Your opinion carries no weight and you're free to say whatever you want because no one's paying attention. The advantage here is that you have nothing to lose. If someone who has a real job in the area you're blogging about -- say, a widely ignored sports columnist for a joke of a local paper -- acknowledges your existence, you've already won, regardless of the tone of the acknowledgment. When that acknowledgment combines a remarkable bitterness with an obvious and complete ignorance of what the acknowledger is annoyed with -- in the manner of your grandfather complaining about that damn hippity hop music -- it's a double victory. So the score stands: Nats Bloggers 2, Thom Loverro 0.


Nate said...

Good thing too, because I had Nats Bloggers in the office pool.

Ryan said...

Did we cover the spread?

Nate said...