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Friday, December 23, 2005

I -- along with Bob, Bing, and the whole gang here at Distinguished Senators -- wish you a Merry Christmas and, depending on how long it is until I post again, a Happy New Year. And Happy Christmas to the limeys.

I'm really feeling the joy of the season, since my Christmas present was just delivered by a team of beaming Chinese zoologists.

Please say hi to (top row, l-r) Mr. Panda, Craphonso, Li'l ¡Livan!, Butterstick Is A Stupid Name, Gunnar, Buzz Machine, OHLINS, Mr. Panda II, Marbert, Dutch, and
(bottom row) Dayn, Li'l Giant Baba, Big Nasty, If Professor Bacon Was A Panda, The Fat One, and Ryan Junior.

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