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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In Lieu of Talking About the Actually Important Things Going On . . .

Sometimes I get distracted by, say, a shiny object or lying megalomaniac and lose focus. Perfect example: just yesterday, I was thinking to myself, "I remember that I think everyone in Nationals management is dangerously incompetent except for Randy St. Claire. But why?" Once again, MLB.com's Bill Ladson lends a helping hand.
Manager Frank Robinson said that he is willing to manage [Javier] Vazquez again.
Well, that's big of him. Really going the extra mile there, Frank.
The two worked together in 2002 and 2003 in Montreal. When Vazquez played for the Expos, he was sometimes criticized for being too concerned about his pitch count and the lack of run support, but Robinson said that he understood why Vazquez was that way in Montreal. "A lot of pitchers are like that," said Robinson. "Pitchers that pitch their hearts out and lose tough ballgames are going to have a say about lack of run support. When it comes to pitch count, pitchers are more aware about the wear and tear on their arms. They think about their career and longevity."
Q: Hey Frank, why is Vazquez such a pussy?
A: Because he's a pitcher!

Would you hire a manager who can't stand and constantly undercuts Latin Americans? Californians? Dudes with goatees? No, of course not, and that's why it's such a mystery that an obvious pitcherphobe like Frank gets to be in charge of so many of them. There's a reason I'm not invited to speak at Will Carroll fan conventions, and that same logic should keep Frank out of the dugout.


Anonymous said...

There's a Will Carroll fan convention? Where's it held, inside Will Carroll's head? Do they bank on attracting people looking for the Wes Carroll fan convention? Is their theme song "The Carroll of the Bells"?

Ryan said...

Oh, yeah. Scott Long's there, and "Mark," and Will in a Peter Gammons costume talking about how great Will is.