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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just When You Thought This Team Couldn't Get Any Less Likeable

Former Cincinnati Reds reliever Rob Dibble could be in the running for the color job on TV.

Yeah, this guy. How many times per game, I wonder, will Dibble use the phrase ". . . never played the game" to win an argument?

Proving that this is a slow news day, other elements of the Natmosphere are all over this already.
  • Capitol Punishment doesn't like it and delights us with an excerpt from his Rob Dibble/Charlie Sheen fan fiction.
  • Federal Baseball makes fun of the poor man just because he doesn't know what words mean. I don't know whether that's ecstatic or ludicrous.


Basil said...

It's perfectly cromulent.

Randolph said...

This is just part of MLB's nefarious plan to make all DC-area fans buy Extra Innings just to avoid having to hear the home announcers (and, perhaps, from having to watch the home team).

Harper said...

What a stupid comment from a blogger who never played the game. Now, excuse me I've got to get married again.

Carl said...

Have YOU ever been a color commentator for a major league team? No?! Then you have no grounds to be critical.

Anonymous said...

What do you have against Rob Dibble? What did he do to you and your family that has caused so much anger?

Anonymous said...

Have YOU ever done harm to Ryan and his family? No?! Then you have no grounds to be critical.