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Monday, January 30, 2006

Even the Mailbag Was Completely Uninteresting

Hoo boy, is there ever nothing going on. Seriously, this is one of the Post's top stories at the moment (and the Will Carroll Award for Most Hilariously Oblivious Proclamation goes to Anna Benson: "I'm not like some bimbo sitting down at a table"). So it's time for one of those blog round-ups, which allow me to take advantage of my more imaginative cohorts. But if something doesn't happen soon, there's going to be nothing in the Natmosphere but round-ups linking to round-ups linking to round-ups ad infinitum. Starting here.
  • Are you interested in the controversy about the lease agreement but finding that all those words make you tired? Or are you like me, who doesn't give a damn about it but still enjoys colorful pictures? Either way, Brandon at Curly W has you covered with this fantastic graphic explaining the web of rogering.
  • Oleanders and Morning Glories, fresh off ranking all 30 major league mascots (plus the J Force: Fierce!) notes that the phrases "Alfonso Soriano" and "$50 million" are being seen together all too often and in too many different places for it to be coincidence. I'm trying not to think about it.
  • Basil at teh Fed looks at the bright side of there being nothing going on, giving credit to four baseball information sources for keeping him sane, though he leaves out one I would have added. And he makes an important point: football is alright, but people talking about football is the stupidest thing on TV. Are they really still having those Clayton/Salisbury fights? Mel Kiper does deserver credit, though, for giving the Baltimore accent the only national outlet it has now that Homicide's not on anymore.
  • Banks has a thorough run-down of what's going on: Jose Guillen's insane rantings, Rosenthal's propsed Soriano contract, the sad Sosa saga, Bowden's continuing obsession with Reds outfielders (Austin Kearns? Why not? sez Econo), and some signings most of us have ignored. Daryle Ward is on board, along with the awesomely named Valerio de los Santos, who sounds like he should teaching me either how to swordfight or pleasure a woman. But if he were that good at either of those things, he wouldn't be stumbling through a really half-assed baseball career.
  • Just A Nats Fan has an account of a trip to that Nats Caravan thing. The best part:
    When I reached the end of the line and Ryan Zimmerman, I asked him if he knew some in the Nats blogs nicknamed him “Dutch”. He looked at me like I was a freaking crazy lady and said, “what?” Awkward! I tried to explain, but not very well - he apparently was unaware :-)
    Well, he knows now.

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