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Monday, April 09, 2007

They've Got Piazzas Named After Everything But Mike Piazza

So I get back to this glorious nation of ours, a place where you can get great big glasses of water with fist-sized ice cubes in them for free, and Baseball Tonight is talking about how the Nats have had a lead in one (1) of the 63 innings they've played, and I'm all like, "Wow, that many?" So it doesn't seem like I should be upset that I missed all of those 63 innings, except the ones that included ¡Livan! wreaking terrible vengeance, which I probably would have enjoyed. But I'm on board now, I've made it my pastime, and I guarantee that I won't get frustrated and quit blogging for at least a couple of weeks.

My jaunt to Italy wasn't all not thinking about the Nats and complaining about the lack of ice. I learned a lot, and in the interest of international understanding I present the following:

A Partial List of Italian Words That Sound Like Swears But Aren't
  • Fagioli
  • Ponte
  • Focaccia
  • Fagottino
  • Sporco
  • Funicolare
  • Vongole
  • Faccio
  • Tu sei il figlio di una puttana

1 comment:

Brian said...

I anxiously await your stories of using the word puttana in Italy.