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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tonight's the night

I'm about to watch my first Nationals of the year, and I'm excited! It's on MASN2, a concept that's got Needham's Underoos in a twist, but I'm OK with it. 68? I can remember that.

In other humiliating undergarments worn uncomfortably news, I actually met someone who's upset about CSPAN2 getting preempted. I was aware that these people existed, but, like Devil Rays fans or Scientologists or Luxembourgians, I didn't have any personal experience with them. I'm kind of shaken, actually. This is a guy I've known for some time, and just now I find out that he's A) such a tremendous dork that he'd rather watch Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) drone on about stem cells than some ~BASEBALL! and 2) so very perturbed by this that he's willing to admit it in public. I half-expect my wife to admit that she's been from Luxembourg this whole time.


Cathie said...

I lived in Luxembourg for a year!

Thing is about the CSPN2 thing is that rumor is the complainers have been offered free digital converters so they can watch it on digital. FREE. I mean, how the heck can you complain about getting free digital cable?

Ryan said...

Probably their bow ties are cutting off circulation to their heads. Or they missed the announcement because they had Capitol Steps tickets.