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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Looks like the Nats are as happy to be back home as I am. But hey, there's no shame in losing to Brad Penny. And it was only Simontacchi -- all you want from him is innings. Just wait until we get to our real starters . . . oh. Wait.

So today marks the first time I've ever learned something useful for interesting from the Washington Post Express. It wasn't something I couldn't have learned elsewhere, but you get what you pay for: Trevor Hoffman is a mere three saves from 500, and the Padres are in town this weekend. As records go, it's not the most impressive. I don't see anyone spraying spittle arguing about whether or not Bud Selig should be there for it, for instance. But it is both unprecedented and a nice round number, and that makes it something that it will have been nifty to have been in the stands for.

The Padres lost tonight, so we have to hope for that they win two close games to close out their current series with Pittsburgh. That way, there will be something pleasant and memorable for us when the Nationals get their asses handed to them.


Chris Needham said...

I clicked on the "crappy free newspapers" category and was disappointed to find no links to the Examiner!

Anonymous said...

But that 500th save just wouldn't be the same if he weren't pitching in San Diego and Hell's Bell's wasn't playing as he comes out to pitch.

Ryan said...

You're right - it'd have the same kind of electricity as Tony Gwynn's 3000th hit in front of 7500 people in Montreal. I was kind of hoping that they'd play Hell's Bells for him at RFK, but I guess that would be a bit too defeatist.