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Monday, May 14, 2007


To: Nats Fans Booing John Smoltz
Re: Booing John Smoltz

Cut it out, assholes.



Nate said...

Well, maybe if Smoltzy wasn't doing his best Delicate Flower impersonation...

Anonymous said...

::rolls around in agony::

Owwww! I've been shot!

::flops like a carp::

Ryan said...

You Charles Bronson badasses can get back to me after you dislocate a finger on a massive Kentuckian and respond with nothing but a grim smile. I'll need video.

Nate said...

It wasn't the swearing and the flailing, I have no trouble believing that tagging out Kearns is like jamming your hand against a brick wall (jammage). It was the glaring and yapping into the Nats dugout, as though Manny instructed Austin to take Smoltz out on the rundown.

John Smoltz is better than that. (John Smoltz is also more than a little nuts, let's not forget.)

Anonymous said...

Smoltzy should know not to take on Austin Kearns. He breaks people with the best intentions in the world. It's not his fault!