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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dmitripalooza: Final

Dmitripalooza has to be dying down soon, right? Once the Nationals start playing again, alternative storylines will develop, like the one where Dmitri Young gets traded and the one where all remaining Nats fans shake their tiny fists at the cold, merciless Plan and the soulless men who serve it. So one last Meathook post, then I'm done for a while.

The Examiner's Phil Wood has added his voice to the off-key chorus calling for Meathook retention. There's no point in engaging his case. He says nothing Boswell didn't already try to say in his chat, and his arguments are nothing more than window dressing to his actual motivation, which is pure puppy love.

I understand the temptation among Nats fans to love the one you're with. The team is not very good and pretty colorless, and fans need to attach themselves to something. But this Dmitri Young thing is so obviously borne of desparation -- it wouldn't be happening if Zimmerman had done anything of note -- that it's just undignified. I'm not saying you have to wait until marriage, Nats fans, but it's only been a few months. Don't give up your hearts that easy.

Meanwhile, and I really don't like harping on this, two more profiles of Young appeared before the All Star Game. The Times and the official organ both chimed in with efforts that would have looked like puff pieces even without the existence of Barry Svrluga's piece. Coming as they did after it made a certain shared omission all the more pronounced.

These are not rhetorical questions; I can be convinced on this issue, and I am looking for feedback: Am I expecting too much? Should I look at these pieces like they're glad handing celebrity rag material rather than real journalism? Is it unreasonable to expect a mention of Dmitri Young's beating the hell out of his girlfriend in the retelling of his story of redemption? The answer seemed pretty clear to me a week ago, but it seems that the journalistic consensus is trying to change my mind.


Nate said...

FWIW, I think the MLB.com pieces have to be considered half reporting, half press release, and given a pass on the "whole truth and nothing but" standard. As for the other pieces, sure Dmitri's past sins ought to be acknowledged, but are you saying they must be trumpeted in bold type in the lede of every article?

"Confessed girl beater Dmitri Young singles, scores in All-Star game."? He did the crime, and the punishment, and anyone who has paid attention knows that. Maybe not so much the casual readers, but should everyone be forever saddled with a sandwich board declaring the worst things they've ever done?

Not to change the subject or nuthin, but RICKEY! has been named the Mets hitting coach. Is this going to result in painful divided loyalties, or will you just be going fully in the tank for the Metropolitans?

Ryan said...

Well, I'm not expecting anything in game recaps, no. But these stories about his inspirational triumphs over adversity leave out one of the adversities. We hear about his struggles with booze, drugs, diabetes, and having a big fat ass, so why is the only crime with a victim left out?

Ryan said...

Oh, and Rickey. Ryan's just glad Rickey's somewhere Ryan can keep an eye on Rickey. And no matter what the uniform, Ryan knows that Rickey's first loyalty is to Rickey, and that's where Ryan's loyalty is too. Pay Rickey!