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Monday, July 02, 2007

Soriano Reaction

Too many boos. I'm disappointed. What, you wanted him to turn down $8 million (or whatever) annually for you people? Yeesh.

UPDATE: All the cheering for Ramirez' double indicates that there are plenty of Cubs fans there tonight. I know they weren't booing Soriano, so I can only assume that almost all the Nats fans were. I reiterate and amplify my earlier Yeesh.


Cathy said...

Yeah, I was confused by that. There were far more Cubs fans drowning out the Nats fans, but I can't think of why either fans would be booing Soriano.

Nate said...

I'm confused. If he's not obligated to turn down 136 bazillion dollars to go play for the Cubs, why am I obligated not to boo him as I would any opposing player?

I cheered plenty when he did his thing last season for the Curly W, I don't have any residual cheers saved up. I don't begrudge Sori his success, or his contract, but I don't feel obligated to cheer for either at the expense of the home team.

Ryan said...

Nate: Soriano was obviously not being treated like any other opposing player. Did Mark DeRosa get booed just for coming to the plate? If you're booing him without him doing anything but coming to bat, it's pretty clear that you do begrudge something or other.

Nate said...

FWIW, I booed Mark DeRosa. He's taking ABs away from Jacque Jones.

Ryan said...

That's something we can all get behind. "Jacque Jones" sounds enough like "jockjaw" that the dude needs to be front and center.