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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pride Is Back

You ever get internet nostalgia? The thing's been around long enough that it's inevitable. I miss ugly Geocities pages and Old Man Murray and websites with rumors about Diesel and Razor Ramon. But mostly Old Man Murray.

I'm pleased to announce that, thanks to some murky technological developments in the (probably Eastern European) parts of the internet that I do not and do not want to understand, Distinguished Senators is now once again home to a very special, part of internet nostalgia: as of my last post, random-ass comment spam has returned.

Man, does that ever take me back. I remember back in the day when some no longer extant blog whose name will not be mentioned but whose proprietor was schismatic had this 12,000 word comment that was just a list of . . . something. Porn sites? Something like that. Blogger subsequently came up a filtering system. It was a pain in the ass, but at least worked. Not anymore, though! Stay tuned to the undercarriage of this very post for more!

In completely unrelated news, those dudes who were reading my thoughts and columnizing them did it again. This time they even hired an accomplished male model to pose as me to give the content an immediacy it had previously lacked. Plus, you know, chicks come a-runnin'.

You may notice, if you happen to give it a click, that they're calling my contributions "Nationals Pride," and that name is already taken. So I'm officially submitting a request for suggestions. All the good "Nationals" puns are taken. Anyone got anything else? Readers? Spambots? Anyone?

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