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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm kind of relieved that Manny let a starter blow a lead for once. Really.


Softball Girl said...

Ok Ryan, you're up.

I used to ask dumb questions to Chris Needham when CP was in full swing. God bless him, he indulged my naivete. I've tried to do the same on NJ, but if I get any response it's that I'm a "stoopid hat3r." So maybe you can give me some insight here:

Was Stammen's game THAT good last night? I mean, he pounded the strike zone, yes. He was efficient, yes. But isn't it typical for a team to whiff the first couple times through the order when facing a new pitcher? Did Craig lose it because he was leaving pitches up or that the Buccos had figured him out the 3rd time around? I don't know which I'd prefer frankly...

Ryan said...

Hey, I'll settle for being the Needham Alternative. Maybe I'll change the blog's name. Those suckers at teh NJ could have at least spelled hat3r with an 8. Buncha amateurs.

Here's what I like about the whole Stammen/Detwiler storyline: this pitching staff gets better the younger and homegrowner it is. There's a particularly keen joy in seeing the fruits of your team's farm system, just as there's a particularly stinky feeling in watching your team lose games the wrong way.

Pounding the zone and getting hit is OK, at least when you don't have any thought of competing. Walking everyone, throwing wild pitches, and blowing leads just leave a sour taste. I'll tune in again happily after an "honest" loss, but after a Daniel Cabrera start or bullpen implosion, I'm more inclined to watch a Law and Order rerun.

So for the first month and a half of the season we had three more or less homegrown guys pitching well or at least non-walkily, and two crappy outsiders who brought absolutely nothing to the table but guaranteed losses.

One of the few good things that's happened since is that we've seen the alternative: young, inexpensive, homegrown pitchers who aren't going to win all the time or even half the time, but will at least give you a shot. There is a way out of this recurring Daniel Cabrera nightmare I've been having since 2004.

So that's why I liked the Stammen start. As far as why he finally lost it, I don't know. His velocity was down a bit in the seventh, but not all that much. Maybe they did figure him out. But at least it took until the seventh this time.

Softball Girl said...

Thanks Ryan. All that makes sense. And I agree. I just remember feeling similarly as hopeful when Mike O'Connor made his debut and I just want to make sure to curb my enthusiasm. That is until we sigN STRAZBORG!11!