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Sunday, June 21, 2009

C is for Cristian

C is for Cristian (no H in his name)
We used to be better when he came up lame
He’s now got new eyeballs, new shoulder, new spleen
He’s a whole new ballplayer – is he man or machine?

D is for Dibble, with his World Series Ring
He played the game; that’s why he’s got the bling
If ever you question his statements or hunches
It’s cool that you do, but bring own lunches

Thanks again to FromOldBooks for the letters.


Nate said...

C is for Cristian is all well and good, but it darn sure better not preclude G is for GUZMANIA!

WFY said...

Guzman's Nationals career peaked with that photograph. Sadly, it was before the ballpark was even approved.