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Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's A Hollow Snarl

Hey Dibble, what happened to edgy?

Remember that laughable slapfight the Robs Dibble and Neyer got into earlier this week? R-Dibbs seems to have scrubbed it from his Twitter. It happened June 7, but check it now. On the 6th we get a telegram dispatch from the last good Nats game:
John Lannan CGVs The Mets 21 1st pitch strikes, 1st CG in The Show. Nice job
Then on the 8th we're treated to a stream of random capitalizations.
talking to Andy Larouche of the Pitrates about The Nate McClouth Trade, At 5 o'clock we will have David Price on to talk about the Draft
Where's the beef, Dibble? I mean, if you're going to post for photos like this...

...you can't then turn around and unilaterally squash the beef with a pencil-necked, never-played-the-game former roofer like Rob Neyer.

I'm honestly disappointed.

By the way, if you were going to start a mock Dibble Twitter thingy, could you do any better than this?
Got some cool new shades for the game tomorrow
That's an actual entry. He wrote that himself. What can you say? Dude's unmockable.


Kevin said...

He's also less than impervious to criticism. He blocked me from following him on Twitter. Now where will I get my baseball wisdom?

WFY said...

Did you ever play the game Kevin?

Ryan said...

Blocked you?! That's weak as hell. What did you say about him?