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Friday, April 08, 2011

Beat the Mets

I got to say - I don't expect much from this team, but I do expect a certain level of competence against the Mets. So good work and keep it up.

PS. Ok, I'm annoyed, and MASN has a damn problem.

I was watching MASN and wondering when the O's game was going to come on. That's when I heard the Manny Ramirez news, from Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight. They said: "Manny Ramirez is retiring." I thought to myself, "Huh, ain't that a thing?" and took another pull from my Jim Beam rye on the rocks.

An hour later, I get on my trusty personal computer and find out that Manny Ramirez is retiring . . . because he's facing a 100 damn game suspension for drugs.

I got no inkling of this from MASN. Knight said something about how Manny was maybe too involved in the steroids controversy, so they didn't completely avoid that aspect, but they certainly avoided the substantive part of it.

This is a dereliction of duty as far as I'm concerned. For once in my life, I relied on MASN to keep me hipped to the baseball news. They failed totally. "Manny Ramirez retires" is at best half the news.


WFY said...

What do you expect? MASN sucks.

Charlie and Dave got to it about 30 minutes after it broke. They also processed the information kind of slowly -- first the suspension and then a "second bulletin" that he was retiring. For those who hadn't already heard, it was a bit riveting I'm sure.

Oh and what are the rocks for?

Ryan said...

Hey, if you think I need to drink my rye straight, I'll do it. Except I need to go get some more rye.

WFY said...

I was at the liquor store today and the topic of rye came up. Of course, I can't remember what rye he said was flying off the shelves. Perhaps in the fall, I'll find out and give it a try, but it is going to be full gin and tonic season soon with another cameo appearance on Monday.

Oh and if you really like rye flavored liquor, give Brennevin a shot.