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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I guess it wasn't about getting Desmond out of the leadoff spot after all.
Ian Desmond will return to the leadoff spot tonight rather than swapping places with Danny Espinosa as Manager Jim Riggleman had originally planned. Espinosa will play tonight against the Marlins, but Riggleman simply changed his mind after saying yesterday he planned to hit Desmond, who began the season 0 for 13, seventh in the lineup and move Espinosa to leadoff.
It's been a bad day and a half for the two levels of management just above the players. Let's review!
  • Jim Riggleman reverses his own inexplicable mistake and moves Desmond down in the order.
  • Riggleman makes me watch a couple old men in the middle infield instead of playing the starters.
  • Third base coach Bo Porter kinda loses the game by faking out Jerry Hairston with all the ankle-breaking elan of a prime Allen Iverson.
  • Riggleman, concluding after less than one try that his new lineup wasn't optimal, moves Desmond back to leadoff.
So yeah, that's a pretty sour mixture of indecisiveness and incompetence, like a cocktail made of Coors Light and dishwater. Jayson Werth kinda lost the game too, but at least he hits doubles.

But none of that matters, because ¡LIVAN!'s pitching tonight. There should be a name for beautiful days like today. I mean, we had Strasmas last year, but ¡LIVAN!'s been bringing us joy since day one. Livanoween? La Fiesta de Santo Gordo? National 82 MPH Fastball Awareness Day?

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