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Friday, April 24, 2015

Put a Byng on Him

The narrative of Thursday's game is emerging as I type this, and so far the shape it's taking is "Nats Fail to Capitalize with Men on Base."

That's true, but my takeaway is "None of These Dudes Can Catch a Ball or Throw a Ball or Do One Damn Thing Right."

It seems that each Nat thinks each of his teammates is eight feet tall. "I don't need to catch that ball - one of my eight foot teammates will lay out and get it!"

Or, "No time to lose! I have to throw this here baseball to second base! Based on how tall this fellow Washington National is, it should be safe to get it about seven feet in the air. There's no way Mark Reynolds will scamper home after this!"

So that was terrible, and Max Scherzer has to be wondering what he got himself into, and I think it's time to fire Matt Williams.

This team looks like it skipped spring training, and while Williams probably isn't 100% responsible for that, he's closer to three digits of responsibility than anyone else.

Maybe it won't help, but maybe it will. Sometimes you have to kill an admiral pour encourager les autres, you know what I'm saying?

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