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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Interpol and Deutsche Bank

Fond happy birthday wishes to Queen Elizabeth I.

Peter Gammons, who rather resembles Good Queen Bess (at least in her later years), talks a little bit about DC baseball in his ESPN column.
The other sites have dropped out in the Expos sweepstakes, but there are still problems: 1) the D.C. politicians are playing hardball with MLB on the stadium financing, 2) MLB has overpriced the club because of promises made to the 29 owners paying the bills and 3) Peter Angelos believes that Bud Selig promised him that there'd never be a team in the Washington area.
This is a rehash of what he said in his chat the other day, but it's just about the only thing we've had for days. I didn't not post over the long weekend because I was off doing stuff; there was just nothing to talk about.

If Eric Fisher of the Washington Times is to be believed, Selig may already have the recommendation of the Relocation Committee. If Peter Gammons is to be believed, it's DC. So now we wait. And laugh at Norfolk.

While you're waiting, check out Kraftwerk's website. I guess I shouldn't be suprised that a bunch of robots from Germany have a rad site, but that doesn't make my mind any less blown.

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