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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


From ESPN:
Major League Baseball will announce Wednesday that Washington will be the new home of the Montreal Expos, The Associated Press has learned.
A city official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Washington has been notified by Major League Baseball of the impending announcement that will return the national pastime to the nation's capital for the first time in 33 years.
The city is planning its own news conference at a downtown location Wednesday afternoon, the official said.
There you have it. It's been a long, harrowing haul, but the right thing is finally happening. Now I want some input from you. Let's use the comments section to memorialize this moment. Go Senators!


Anonymous said...

Your wrong on one point, Ryan. Go Grays! Although I will cheer for the Senators if that's the decision. It's time for the debate to start in ernest. On Monday, Mayor Williams on WMAL expressed opposition to the Senators name and support for the Grays. That will make this an interesting debate for sure. However this is a great day no matter what happens from here. Let all go down to this announcement tomorrow!! Great work on this blog,Ryan.

Christopher Rehling -www.rememberthegrays.org

Peter said...

And there was much, much rejoicing!

Where do I buy season tickets?

Wait a minute...

Anonymous said...

As Mr. Rehling's site persuaded me that having the Grays would be not only a revival of a winning tradition, but a unique commemoration of the Negro Leagues (and damn appropriate in Chocolate City, baby!), I'm gratified to see Mayor Williams getting behind it.

Still, Sens or Nats or Grays, I just wanna holler:

Play ball!Congrats D.C.!

Bill Walsh

Bijan C. Bayne said...

Hats off to everyone who fought the long fight, attended the Cracker Jack Old-Timers Games and the McGwire exhibitions in '99 (vs. the Expos, hmmm),lobbied, wrote Congress, wrote editorials, created websites,boycotted Camden Yards,prayed, and kept The Faith.

A travesty long unaddressed has been righted, and a generation of children will be the benefactors.

The Chef said...


After the press conference will be a new exhibit: Will Carroll Roasting on an Open Fire! Come and see!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, I start whining about how bad our new team is. But tonight, I celebrate.