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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Twiddling My Thumbs on Mark Harmon's Birthday

Normally I like to do a little something on Mark Harmon's birthday. Get some beer, throw on a Hawaiian shirt, watch Summer School a few times. It really snuck up on me this year, though. Someone remind me next year, alright?

As little as was going on yesterday, there's even less today. Last Friday was action-packed, so maybe we'll get some action tomorrow. I suppose I could point you to this:

In recent weeks, the buzz in local baseball circles has focused on comments from prominent state legislators questioning the financing of the proposed ballpark just north of Dulles Airport and revisions to the development proposal for the new community that would rise up around it just across the county line in Loudoun.
But Northern Virginia baseball officials say nothing has surfaced to diminish their chances of fielding a team.

I'm still of the opinion that these are words that don't mean nuttin', like looptid. Think about it; who's admitted they're out of the Expos race? No one that I know of. Not even Puerto Rico. I think NoVa's dead, and so does Peter Gammons. He's got all the inside sources, I'm vaguely aware of where commas go. Together, we're unstoppable.

Bijan Bayne looks at the DC baseball issue again and sticks it to Angelos.

Angelos has stated that a Montreal Expos move to D.C. (or even Northern Virginia)would cut into “his” ticket sales and t.v. revenue. I’m sorry, the Orioles’ market is Baltimore, Owings Mills, Dundalk, Catonsville, Perry Hall, etc. It is not Laurel, McLean, Georgetown, Arlington and Bethesda. A Baltimore team has no unwritten right to out-of-town fans. The Orioles do not give ticket discounts to those that travel from D.C. to see their games, nor do they providevouchers for gasoline or the MARC train service between Chocolate City and Charm City. Baltimore and D.C. have separate city councils, separate television stations, and separate fire departments.

Go read the rest of it. And if anybody knows Jack Evans' phone number, call him up and tell him to get something started for tomorrow. I'm bored.


WFY said...
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WFY said...

Good job making something out of nothing. I will be in Montreal on Monday, I will see if I can pack the Expos in my bags and bring them home -- to D.C.