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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Howard Jones Day

I'm mostly taking the day off in honor of Howard Jones, who didn't sing "She Blinded Me With Science." That was Thomas Dolby. A few tidbits:
  • Barry Svrluga penned the best piece the Post has had on the Nationals for at least as long as I've been paying attention. It's an actually in-depth analysis of what we can expect from Vinny Castilla. Mainly: leadership! I'd rather have a guy who can hit, but I'm not in charge. Anyway, nice work, Barry. Keep it up - please.
  • Chris at Capitol Punishment lays down the law on some Associated Press hack. You know that whole Terrmel Sledge getting busted for steroids thing? Well, it was Andro, which violated neither the law nor MLB rules. Think the AP will apologize? Me neither.
  • Baseball Analysts is a new site that debuted by asking various baseball writer-types who their favorite player was back in the day. I was a Cards fan, and Ozzie Smith was my man. But I'm regretting it now:
    Dayn Perry, FOXSports.com: "Ozzie Smith."
  • Anybody got MVP Baseball 2005 yet? I'm interested to see how badly they underrate LIVAN!

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