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Monday, February 07, 2005

Non-Puppy Bowl News

From Ken Rosenthal:
The Nationals were willing to part with former Cubs IF Brendan Harris, a player such as OF Terrmel Sledge and possibly a minor leaguer in a trade for Sosa but balked at giving up premium young talent. The Cubs probably would have agreed to pay nearly all of the $25 million remaining on Sosa's contract if the proposal had included OF Brad Wilkerson or a comparable player. The Cubs contributed $16.15 million in their trade with the Orioles. . . .

The Nationals are toying with moving RHP Zach Day to the bullpen. Day's power sinker could further enhance a group that already includes RHPs Luis Ayala, Chad Cordero and Antonio Osuna. Shifting Day would be possible if RHP John Patterson or RHP Jon Rauch emerged as a capable fifth starter.
What do you think? I'll have further commentary tonight, but my quick take is that Bowden's offer was not unreasonable. I don't think much of Sledge, they're not going to use Harris, and the Nats don't really have any minor leaguers worth protecting. I don't know much about Zach Day, but it makes sense to convert a starter given the glut of them on the roster.

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