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Monday, March 14, 2005

Giant Smoke

Cripes, I got nothing to say. I was working up some really intelligent stuff in my head, but then I saw a guy in a Cypress Hill t-shirt. I naturally assumed the Klan was after me and got so scared I forgot it all. So I shall again leech off the hard work of other bloggers. I'm going to be first against the wall when the revolution comes.
  • It's been a Year of Yurasko! The priceless (good thing it's free) William World News started up on March 11, 2004. Celebrate by checking out this history of expansion team caps. We win, by the way. The Rockies weren't too bad.
  • Basil of Nationals Inquirer is the in the Post. He's just one of several area fans interviewed about the Nats in video games. I remember struggling through seasons as the Rangers just so I could wear old Senators unis. Not anymore! One thing I've learned from MVP Baseball: that Tony Armas is a pretty good-looking cat.
  • Capitol Punishment is all over who's on the outs; namely, Zach Day and Inning-Endy Chavez. I've been hoping that Jon Rauch gets the fifth starter spot. He's the tallest player in history, even taller than Giant Baba! And his name is German for smoke! We're not going to win any games, so we may as well go for novelty.
  • I don't link to Nationals MLB News as often as I should. Dig this preview of the AA Harrisburg Senators. You're not going that kind of depth around here.
  • Any Baseball Prospectus subscribers out there who want to tell me what Will Carroll said about Mark Prior in the Team Health Report? Carroll's going to be on CNBC tonight (in about an hour from this writing), in case you want to see the face of evil.


Chris Needham said...

I was scratching my head trying to figure out who the hell Giant Baba was. I don't pretend I'm an expert on Japanese Baseball, but I'm familiar with some of the names!

Thank God for google though! And I should've known to make that connection considering your encyclopedic knowledge of that sport -- Don Morocco and George Steele are about as deep as my knowledge gets there!

Ryan said...

Giant Baba's birthday should be a national holiday - and I mean in this country. The guy was that rad. And giant.

Yuda, you oughta start yourself an injury blog. That's a niche that has yet to be filled by anyone competent.