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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Wrong Time for a Long Weekend

Is it bush league to put up a message welcoming readers of a popular site after getting a link from that site? Well, call me Lee M. Bass, the Bambino of Texas Oil Tycoons: Welcome Hardball Times readers, and many thanks to Craig Burley for the nicer-than-I-deserve shout-out. And thanks to "Texans for Public Jusitce" (sic) for the use of one of their Bush League Trading Cards. Keep fighting the Power!

I'll have a real post tonight. Promise.


Chris Needham said...

It might not be the wrong time for a long weekend, but it probably wasn't the right time for a "Jon & Barry" week! ;)

Ryan said...

Hey, Giant Baba=Ratings. Freakishly tall Japanese dudes put butts in the seats - PT Barnum coulda told you that.