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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I knew that Jorge Julio trade would pay off! But man, winning games is exhausting. That took forever. Some observations:
  • DUTCH! And that was off Billy Wagner, not some sucker-ass ex-Oriole. I'm trying to keep myself from getting too excited about Zimmerman. I mean, he's bound to hit a slump sometime, right? He's gone through college, Savannah, Harrisburg, the majors, Spring Training, and now the majors again without one, so that must mean he's due.
  • See how much easier it is to score with some dingers? This small-ball stuff is for suckers and last-place teams.
  • Guillen continues to pad his otherwise lackluster OBP by getting plunked all the time. Being universally loathed has its advantages, I guess.
  • It's tough to see our top two starters fail to contribute. We're not going to get bailed out by dingers too often, and we need to save that for when Ortiz or Armas is out there.
  • So Soriano got yanked for not running out a pop-up, huh? I wonder if that counts as SWAGGER. I also wonder how long Frank puts up with it. And then I wonder whose side Boz takes.
  • From getting no-hit in the fifth to scoring nine runs. There hasn't been anything that captured my interest like this since October.
Remember the Soriano play at the plate from Monday? That was some BS, huh? Don't worry, Tony Tavares is on the case.
"On a play like that, I think you should be able to appeal it," Nationals President Tony Tavares said Tuesday. "I think the most important thing is getting it right. I don't think it takes a long time. It takes a couple of minutes. Maybe you have like they do in football: A couple of times, you get to protest a call, but you limit it and the game keeps moving."
Naturally, I asked my main man William Blake what he had to say about the issue, and he fired back with yet another Proverb of Hell.

"The fox condemns the trap, not himself."

I need to correspond with long-dead writers more often. I bet H.P. Lovecraft would have some interesting stuff to say about Soriano.

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Harper said...

"Do you want to know the terrifying truth, or do you want to see me to lay down a nice bunt to move the runner over in hopes he gets driven in by the guy batting behind me?"

Why David Eckstein never guest appeared on the Simpsons.