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Friday, April 28, 2006

Imagine Jim Mora Saying "Sidney Ponson" Over and Over

New Baseball Bias. I need to put a Moratorium on the Latin puns. Ha ha ha!

Sidney Ponson? Sidney Ponson? Look, I know this is a bad team. I can handle getting beaten twice by some no-name Mets rookie. I can handle dropping one to a no-name Reds rookie. But Sidney Ponson isn't just a bad pitcher, he's a punchline. The guy who got so fat and so drunk they kicked him off the Orioles just beat us without a whole lot of trouble. Pity young "Irish" Mike O'Connor -- he may not have pitched well by normal standards, but going five innings practically makes him our Cy Young. He was let down by our defense and hitting, while Ponson, that gelatinous judge-punching pantload, goes to 3-0. Look at him taunting us.

And then there's this:
"We're just in a pitching nightmare," General Manager Jim Bowden said before the game. "We need a [fill-in] starter for [Thursday]. We need a starter for Sunday. Our ERA's over 5. We can talk about all the problems of this team; you have to pitch."
What Bowden's greater virtue, his incompetence or his shamelessness?


Anonymous said...

incomp for sure. I hope Frank doesnt wind up paying the price for Bowden's problems. Maybe the new ownership wil realize this and boot him the hell out of there.

Harper said...

See, I'm going to have to go with shamelessness. He takes credit for everything right and pushes blame off for everything bad, whether he did it or not. The Ryan Church = Fred Llyn thing from last year sold it for me.

By the way, Channel 9 is reporting Ball-Wonk is already crafting his "Irish is a bad nickname" post

Cathie said...

Well, the name "Irish" isn't entirely accurate, either. See, O'Connor with an "or" instead of "er" is a Traveler name (they're like gypsies, only they live in Ireland.) Travelers usually don't identify themselves as Irish.