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Monday, April 17, 2006

One Right Answer

Nothing lamer than an off day. Let's see . . . MLB.com's Bill Ladson has "no doubts that getting Soriano was a great move" -- it's "the steal of 2006," in fact. But there's also "no doubt" in his "mind" that Terrmel "Sledge is going" at some point "to be" what you would call "a star." It's like when you're talking to someone who makes a lot of sense until he starts talking about how Freemasons faked the moon landings.

Harper made an interesting point about Ryan Church vs. Brandon Watson.
Ryan, in three games, has already passed Brandon Watson in extra-base hits, stolen bases, walks, and runs scored.
Ouch. Note how unlike, say, Tom Boswell, Harper is consistent in his opinions. He didn't tell us Watson was a "promising young Nat" until the day he was gone, at which time he started trashing him.

Will Carroll has been mercifully mostly silent, although he seems to have abandoned his idealistic idea of internet types getting press passes. Well, amateur internet types. Online writers are just as good as anyone else, but only as long as they're getting paid.
One final thought on this -- if you're asking for credentials, go to the mirror and ask yourself "What do you do for a living?" If you really want the credential, there's only one right answer.
Why this sudden elitism? Because bloggers are mean to him.
Bloggers eat their own with regularity, so I have long since stopped trying to get an IBWA going.
What Carroll fails to realize -- and can't be expected to realize -- is that Will Carroll spearheading an Internet Baseball Writers' Association is like Kevin Federline teaching a graduate-level course on how to bust hot rhymes. Did you like that one? I had Scott Long write that joke for me. He's always ready with the edgy celebrity humor.


Anonymous said...

There's still going to be yelling "Guuuuuz!" Just you wait and see, smart guy!

Anonymous said...


You really must be at work, or else you surely would have posted by now about the Bowden driving-while-juiced incident. Something like, "That explains sending Church down" or "That explains [fill in bad move of your choice]."

And, oh yeah, Will Carroll is a putz.