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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Because, See, You Can Get It From Turtles

To follow up on yesterday's whine: how lame is Spring Training? The guys getting paid to blog about it are barely bothering anymore.

But that's OK, because I've got Terps fever! Well, a mild case. Not full-blown salmonella or anything, but that's just because they're out of town. You probably didn't hear about this because those losers at the papers didn't want you to hear about it, but the Terps went down to wherever it is North Carolina State plays (somewhere in the state of North Carolina, I'm pretty sure, but I can't get any more specific than that) and took two out of three from an apparently favored Wolfpack, and it's just a damn good thing that there's no rule about getting beat so bad in the third game of a series that they retroactively say you lost the first two.

I say apparently favored because the only thing I know about college baseball is that teh Terpz rool(!), and these dudes said NC State was going to sweep them. Hah! Seems like any sucker with a Blogspot account can just start yapping about baseball . . . well, never mind that. Instead, let's focus on a guy I really need to come up with a nickname for, lefty closer Brett Cecil. "Beanie and"? "County"? "The Marquess of Salisbury"? Clearly, I need to get out of the nickname business.

At any rate, Cecil picked up two more saves, bringing his total up to 5. Which I guess is kind of a lot this early on. I hope this guy gets drafted by a team I like (hint, hint). Remember what I said before, Stan. I'm giving you this advice for free.

Trees in the park! Cherry trees! That's pretty damn neat. Not neat enough to get me to blow a hundred bucks on season tickets this year, but still neat. Neat neat neat. The real story here, though, is that the stadium's evidently going to be open on time. This fact snuck up on us quietly, but it really is one of the most amazing things that's ever happened. Remember when it kept almost getting killed? Marion Barry was going to stop it, then Linda Cropp, then I stopped paying attention but it seemed like every few months some other hurdle appeared. Yet here we (almost) are, and I don't know who should get the credit. But I'm going to go old school and give it to Jack Evans. Keep up the good work, Jack.

I already like this blog. He's got the right attitude. "The ’07 Nats could possibly be the worst team in the history of baseball." Damn right. No getting around that. A certain attitude is needed if we're get through this season -- bemused apathy or something similar, and think Your 2007 Washington Nationals has what it takes to make it through to October without losing it. It's right over here. Click on it.

Personal to the person who got here looking for information on where the Puppy Bowl is filmed: Silver Spring, MD.


WFY said...

The Terps made "Also Receiving Votes" in whatever poll USA Today Sports Weekly uses. They have 2.

Ryan said...

We're on our way! It's time to start calling sports talk radio shows and complaining that the Terps don't get enough "respect." And mentioning that we're long-time listeners, first-time callers.