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Friday, March 09, 2007

Kasten: "If Bodes is OK with Ryan, He's OK with Me"

From Sports Illustrated:
The marriage of holdover Nationals GM Jim Bowden and new team president Stan Kasten was predicted by some to be a tough one from the start, and while there are whispers the odd couple isn't seeing eye-to-eye, Kasten strongly stressed that those rumors are untrue. "That takes me by complete surprise,'' Kasten responded by phone. "I think everyone's on the same page, and I know we've made a lot of progress from what was a difficult situation when we took over. Even Jim's critics would have to admit he's had a pretty good run of moves.'' [Festive, Mexican-themed emphasis mine]
Kasten didn't name any names, but I know when someone's talking about me. And the sooner he starts using Distinguished Senators for all his personnel decisions, the better this crazy thing's going to go. Here's a tip for you, Stan: I've got the inside line on a mysterious new pitch. Call me.


Cathie said...

Does Bowden have any NON-critics? Just wondering, because in the 15 years or so of my life that I've had to deal with him, he's really racked up the critics...

Ryan said...

The editors over at Pimpclothes Monthly have been big fans for a long time.