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Monday, January 24, 2005

Fan Friendly?

I just saw this, and I think it's worthy of its own post. John at Nationals Pastime has already had a bad experience with the Nats.
I got about the worst possible seats in my third choice seating area . . .

But it still pisses me off that they didn't actually give me any priority at all for being long-suffering loyal D.C. baseball fan. I was basically willing to pay whatever price for great seats. I'm not happy about paying $35 a seat for crap, when I was promised priority that I didn't get. Pissing me off even more, I tried calling the ticket office, and it just rang and rang.
Go read the rest. John wants advice, so give it if you have any. This is a hell of a way for the team to open their relationship with the fans.

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