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Monday, January 31, 2005


I still don't have the Inter-Web at home, so this will be quick 'n' shoddy.

How 'bout that Sosa trade? I think it's just fine for the O's, and I direct you to Capitol Punishment for a good analysis. The Orioles really didn't give up much; they didn't need Hairston, and the other two guys weren't prospects in any meaningful sense of the word. I wonder if O's fans are going to buy it. They've been very upset over the lack of movement this offseason, and I don't know if this will make them feel any better. I have this theory, though, that the rivalry with the Nationals will arouse the civic pride of the Baltimorean and that attendance at Camden is going to be better than it's been in several years.

Defense! David Pinto at Baseball Musings has developed some kind of fancy-pants defensive metric, the "Probabilistic Model of Range." So far, he's gone through shortstops, second basemen, and centerfielders. Guzman looks good, Vidro terrible, and Chavez mediocre. Vidro, by the way, is a guy all defensive measurements agree on: he's terrible. He's still a swell hitter, but I wonder if a move to third might be a good idea. All discussion of the validity of Pinto's metric is so far over my head that I feel like 311 covering that Cure song, so don't come complaining to me if you think he's full of it. I will add that Pinto also contributes just about the worst damn idea I've ever heard, and we can thank Jim Bowden for bringing it up.

More Defense! The Inquirer takes on the Cristian Guzman enigma. You know what the great thing about Ozzie Smith was? He was the greatest defender at shortstop in the history of ground balls, and he still managed to be a league-average hitter in his good years. So even if Guzman sucks up every grounder that comes his way, he's only halfway there.

I'm worried about Dayn Perry. Two weeks in a row now he's had no imaginary girlfriend. Did he get therapy? A real girlfriend? A court order? Regardless, I suggest that he get back to it. Without the greasy pervert gimmick, he's just an unfunny flamebaiter.

Finally, a notice that Nationals Pastime has been bringing the ruckus. I haven't mentioned any of it because it didn't go with what I was writing, but check out the following:

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