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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hitting A Homer

New Blog! Actually, not new at all. Yuda points us to this one, which I'm not sure what to call (Washington Nationals Blog? Capital Ball?). These guy (Chris and John) are Expos fand and have been at it since July. I haven't had the chance to dig through the archives, so I don't know the backstory. Now something quick about Boswell. I'm short on time.

The Washington Post's Thomas Boswell certainly isn't resting on his laurels after winning the 2004 Ron Santo Award for Unthinking Homerism. His column today has been thoroughly rebutted by the Nationals blog world, particularly for this gaffe:
Outfielders Juan Rivera (.307 in 391 at bats) and Terrmel Sledge (15 homers as a rookie) are promising.
You and I know both know that the more promising of these two outfielders is currently the property of Los Angeles of Anaheim, and that's the kind of thing that gets you another award. What gets me, though, is not really the factual error, but the laziness and dishonesty of Boswell's arguments. Boswell thinks Rivera is still a Nat, so he's "promising." If he'd remembered the trade, Rivera would have been a "platoon" or "utility" player that Jim Bowden suckered the Angels into taking in exchange for proven RBI-driver-inner Jose Guillen. I don't want to rag on Boswell. He's not a malicious creep like Dayn Perry or a buffoon like Will Carroll. We're on the same side, but he's such a homer that he just doesn't care about the facts.

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