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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Redskins Undefeated in 2005

I'm back, and you don't have to be all hard and pretend you didn't miss me. During the week or so I was away, absolutely nothing happened. Coincidence? You decide. I trust that you all have flooded Da"y"n Perry's inbox with so many witty, devastating emails that he sobbed right through Regis leading us into the new year. If you haven't, it's not to late to shoot his smug ass a message. My rule of thumb here is threats of violence are too far, personal insults (preferably misspelled) are just right. Or you could go the Will Carroll route and just wish him dead.

There's another Nats blog. Josh Kraushaar's Nationals Review (get it?) covers both DC baseball and politics. Consider it a counterpoint to Carroll, except that Mr. Kraushaar isn't openly hoping for the Reaper to visit his opponents. Welcome aboard, sir!

I'll be back tomorrow to hand out year-end awards. Andrew Sullivan just said, "If this is anyone but Steve Allen, you're stealing my bit."

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