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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Glimpse of the Future

The picture was too big and I didn't feel like fiddling with it, but here are links:
From ESPN MLB 2K5, here are Wilkerson, Ponson, and Palmeiro part I and part II.
I also stumbled on this shot of RFK from EA's MVP Baseball 2005. I'm not endorsing either one until I have played them or I get some crazy Armstong Williams-type money from EA or ESPN.


Ryan said...

Good catch, Yuda.

I'm going to need a game for this year as well, but I don't know if it'll be the ESPN or EA one. I guess I'll wait to see the reaction when they come out.

Chris Needham said...

Stay away from the EA game. I bought that last year and it bit the big one. Yeah, it was fun to play, but the day-to-day management--which I love best--left a lot to be desired. (I think I need a few more cliches in that paragraph.)

I haven't played OOTP since version 4. That was a lot of fun. And there's an active modding community that makes plenty of new rosters--including full minor league rosters that progress nicely.

I'm still a big fan of Diamond Mind. Yeah, it's a little expensive and it's nothing but text. But you can't beat the realism.

Chris Needham said...

Yeah, DM is primarily for replays... simply because it's such a pain in the buttocks to input new teams/players.

I have last year's EA Baseball. It's not the homerfest that Triple Play used to be. It's got a very unique pitching system, which was fun to use.

I really like signings/trades/drafts, that sorta thing. While EA has some of those, it's not very realistic.

The OOTP versions I've played definitely were great for that.

Did any of you every play Front Page Sports Baseball? I have the old disk, but it won't work with XP. Damnit. I LOVED that game. Probably my favorite non-High Heat baseball game.